February 2012

February 21

The new website design has been released. With the new website design release for Close Talk Conference System we say goodbye to the almost ten year old design that has served us well. This is a complete graphical and navigational re-design of the entire website and will provide much easier navigation and reading.

Some technical background for the extra interested...
The previous website design was based on the HTML "frames" technology. Although this is is a very good technique for designing navigational structures it complicates the actual browser navigation since the back and forward buttons doesn't work as expected, it is hard to print the web page since it is divided into several frames and it is also complicated to bookmark pages since it is only part of the web page that gets bookmarked.

The new website is completely based on HTML <div> tags and CSS styling and should load much faster than before. Bookmarking now works properly, navigation is now easier since the back and forward browser buttons work as expected and pages can now easily be printed in full.