January 2012

January 30

Our new on-line user forum goes live today! Many issues are of general interest so if you have a question about our products, feel free to use the forum instead of contacting us directly.

January 27

Version of the PC software Close Talk Control was released at 2012-January-27. This version contains much of the upcoming 3.x.x.x release features that we hope to release soon. Please download the PDF documents describing the news in this release and use them together with the full manual found on the manuals page, the new software packages can be downloaded here.

January 10

Close Talk at ISE 2012

Close Talk Conference System has decided to not exhibit at ISE this year but we will visit the show and will be happy to arrange a meeting, please use the contact section to send us a suggestion for a suitable time.

By popular request, we have added a "product calculator" for the CT-10 Charger Trolley. It can be found on the battery charger product page.