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Close Talk Control User Manual

This manual describes the installation and operation of the Microsoft Windows compatible software Close Talk Control.

Note! The Full Manual has not yet been updated with the latest funtionality of Version 3, please also download the addendum and visit this page for the most up to date information.

Full Manual English Language - Revision 1.06, PDF document, 1 661 903 bytes.

Addendum to the full English language manual - PDF Document, 1 353 812 bytes. New features and changes in version

Full Manual Swedish Language - Revision 1.05, PDF document, 2 120 272 bytes.

Addendum to the full Swedish language manual - PDF Document, 1 231 997 bytes. New features and changes in version

Central Unit User Manual

This manual is for Central Unit firmware version 2.06 or later:
English language
- Revision 1.08, PDF document,  821 251 bytes.

This manual is for Central Unit firmware version 2.05 or earlier:
English language
- Revision 1.04, PDF document,  292 998 bytes.

Central Unit User Manual describes the Central Unit operation, menu system and settings including a conference- and audio system description.

Central Unit Audio Administration  - Remote Control Manual

This manual describes remote control commands for administrating the audio system by remote control of the Central Unit via the RS-232 serial port. It also includes commands suitable for writing custom camera control functionality.

English language
- Revision 1, PDF document, 21 402 bytes.

Quick Start Programming and Setup Guide

This manual is a quick system setup guide in the form of a questionaire with the necessary Central Unit programming. It deals with:

The document assumes Central Unit programming skills, use together with the Central Unit User Manual. It also handles important end-user education and information and is highly recommended for system installers and support persons.

English Language - Revision 1.02, PDF document, 3 170 214 bytes.

System installation

Instructions and advice for system installation:
English language - PDF document,  24 777 bytes.

Infrared vs. other conference system technologies

White paper about why infrared is the best choice for an audio conference system:
Infrared Safety - PDF document, 252 770 bytes.

Delegate Unit battery replacement and mounting instruction

Instructions for replacing a Delegate Unit battery:
English language - PDF document,  1 912 852 bytes.

The Delegate Unit may be ordered without a battery, use this instruction to mount a battery during system installation:
English language - PDF document,  1 714 156 bytes.

Charger Trolley 10 Assembly Manual

Assembly instructions for the CT-10 Charger Trolley

For trolleys sold January 2008 and later:
English language - Revision 2.00, PDF document,  1 378 177 bytes.

For trolleys sold before January 2008:
English language - Revision 1.00, PDF document,  623 970 bytes.

Charger Trolley, Delegate Upgrade Manual

English language - Revision 1.00, PDF document,  896 101 bytes.

Instructions for updating non-compatible Delegate Unit's to work with the CT-10/CH-103 battery chargers.

Close Talk Loader User Manual

Update 2012-03-16
Please see additional information about firmware updating on the Close Talk Loader page.

English language - Revision 1.01, PDF document, 383 741 bytes.

Close Talk Loader Manual describes how to update the firmware in the Central- and Delegate Unit's using the Close Talk Loader software together with the Close Talk Loader Adapter.

System Description

English language - Revision 1.00, PDF document,  49 722 bytes.

System Description is a technical description of Close Talk Conference System including block diagrams and specifications.