Presentation of news and changes in Close Talk Control version 3

Close Talk Control version 3 has now been released, visit the download page to start using this new version. Now compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

For existing customers this is a free upgrade, for new customers all features are available in demo mode for evaluation with a limit of 5 delegate units.

New user interface layout

Close Talk Control 3 Main Operator Panel

Previous versions relied heavily on popups and and separate windows for the different functions. This meant that it was quite easy to get lost and to get windows hidden behind each other.

The new user interface will be focused on keeping all functions within the same window and is now divided into three main parts as shown above.

Part 1 is the Conference Control Area. This is where the conference is controlled including start and stop. It also contains a conference duration counter. Part 2 is the Audio Control Area. Provides quick overview of the audio channel status. Part 3 is the Main Work Area. This is the main working area that contains all the software's most used functions divided into an easy-to-reach "folder" format.

Function folder layout with its own toolbars

Close Talk Control 3 Folder System

Each "function folder" has its own toolbar as the Agenda function tab shows above to increase work efficiency and to avoid the confusing "thousand functions menu"-problem with a single menu system for the entire software.

The Agenda function now has expanded conference information including pre-specified voting matters and voting descriptions. Easily edit and control the flow of agenda points and show them to the participants.

Expanded and enhanced voting functionality

Close Talk Control 3 Voting Control

CT Control 3 includes expanded and enhanced voting functionality. The new toolbar provides easy access to to the whole voting process. Below the toolbar is the new voting participant table where each voter's activity can be checked instantly. Handling a lost-contact unit is now done with a few clicks: select the voter in the table, right-click and choose action.

Enhanced person database

Close Talk Control 3 Delegate List

Delegate List pre-defined data and speaker time poolsCT Control 3 expands the person database functionality and provides easy access to pre-defined data.



Monitor Delegate Unit status

Close Talk Control 3 Battery Monitoring

New feature is Delegate Unit battery monitoring. Get notified if a unit battery is low, check the speaking time for each unit and easily replace a faulty unit without interrupting the conference.

Control the system audio, now with presets

Close Talk Control 3 Audio Control

The system audio control is now expanded with presets. Create an "unlimited" number of audio presets and store them in a database.

Many new functions

Close Talk Control 3 Settings

In addition to the new user interface there is a lot of new features and functions:

Feature list will be continously updated.

Direct teleconference support

Close Talk Control 3 tele conferencingCT Control 3 now includes built-in teleconference support. With a DTMF-capable Central Unit (DTMF function available as retrofit for existing customers) and an external telephone hybrid, a teleconference call can now be made directly from the software. Function includes dialing keypad and number directory database.



Customize the Main Display

Close Talk Control 3 enhanced Main Display customization

CT Control 3 expands the possibilities to customize the Main Display. Choose font types and sizes for all panels including the lists. Enable/disable panels, show speaker names and/or organizations, show delegate and/or organization speaker time counters, resize panels and more.

Version 3 is a free update for existing customers!

These are some of the news in version 3. Together with version 3 there is updated firmwares for the Central and Delegate units. All updates will be free of charge for existing customers.

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