Switcher Unit

The SU-110-01 Switcher Unit is designed for automatic switching between two physically adjacent systems, e.g. a room with a removable divider wall, where the systems need to be used as two individual systems in separate rooms and as one system in both rooms with very little setup time.

Switcher Unit Principle

Two Central Units are required which are connected to the SU-110-01 Central Unit One input and SU-110-01 Central Unit Two input respectively. The transceiver section of the area to be controlled by Central Unit One is connected to the SU-110-01 System One output and the second area is connected to the SU-110-01 System Two output. Although it is possible to connect a Transceiver Unit directly to the Switcher Unit outputs, it is strongly recommended to use a Split Box to connect the transceivers.

With both Central Units turned on the two systems works independently. Turning off either Central Unit connects the transceivers from both areas to the remaining active Central Unit. Any of the two Central Units can be shut down making special applications possible using different Central Unit setups.

The SU-110-01 Switcher Unit is self-powered by the Central Units via the signal cables.

Switcher Unit Data

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