Transceiver Unit

The Transceiver Unit is an infrared transmitter/receiver unit and acts as the "antenna" for the system. It has the following features:

Available types of Transceiver Unit's:

Close Talk Transceiver TU-100-04

Square unit, 100x100mm, surface mounting. Suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete, wood and steel. Order code: TU-100-04

Close Talk Transceiver TU-100-02

Round 180mm, fastening using BOSE ceiling speaker screw hole pattern standard. Suitable for flush mounting, screw fastening on hard surfaces such as wood or steel. Order code: TU-100-02.

Close Talk Transceiver TU-100-03

150mm spring fastener. Suitable for flush mounting on soft, false ceilings such as acoustic foam, stone and glass wool. Order code: TU-110-03.


Close Talk Transceiver Connections

All Transceiver Unit's are connected using quick-connect RJ-45 cables.

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Alternative case colors are available on special order. Download full product catalogue for more detailed information. For more detailed information about cables please see the see the FAQ section.