Close Talk Control

Close Talk Control Main Operator Panel

Close Talk Control is a Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 compatible software application that expands the Close Talk Conference System functionality with voting, delegate attendance and fee management, agenda functionality, roll-call, database management, and more.

Conference features

Voting features

Other features

Total control of the conference

Close Talk Control Main Panel

The main program window provides direct access to the conference functions. Re-order and remove speakers in the list at will. Lock the list to prevent speak request races. Interrupt active speakers. Remote activate microphones.

Includes support for a platform, enabling the speaker list functionality in CTControl to be used with existing conference equipment or a specific Close Talk Delegate Unit used as dedicated platform microphone.

Know your speakers

Close Talk Control Delegate List

CT Control includes a powerful delegate database where conference participants are specified.

Preparing a delegate list for your conference is a good way of making it more 'personal', speak and reply requests will be shown on the list's using actual names. Delegates will also be referred to by their own name in vote displays and in vote result reports.

The delegate list editor includes powerful database management functionality such as sorting, filtering, searching and pre-defined data to make managing the list a breeze.

Cast your vote

Close Talk Control Voting Control

CT Control contains a powerful voting function. Set voting time, define voting matter, yes and no-vote meaning included in vote result reports.

Make vote open or closed.

Print and export vote results for post-processing.

Powerful presentation functionality

Close Talk Control Voting Result

CT Control's voting functionality includes showing vote results in several ways, tabular, as graphs, as summary, as geo-placement, etc.

The Main Display is a separate program window showing conference and voting status. It can be used for projection, video taping, internal TV-network broadcasting and web-casting.

Roll call

Close Talk Control Roll Call

The roll call function can be used in a formal fashion, calling each delegate in turn while updating the attendance, or with the 'Free arrival' function where arriving delegates report their presence with a simple push of a button as they arrive.

It is also used for system installation.


Close Talk Control Settings

CT Control is very flexible. In addition to the new functionality provided by CT Control, all settings available in the central unit is directly available.

Arrange CT Control to your liking. The desktop arrangement of windows and panels are saved, ready for the next session.

Sensitive parts of the conference system such as sound levels can be password protected, preventing tampering with a carefully tuned installation.

Full audio control

Close Talk Control Audio

CT Control provides instant access to system sound levels.

Is that Telephone Hybrid signal too high? Just show the central unit settings dialog and adjust the 'Tele In' fader to your liking.

Is the sound a little 'thin'? Add some level to the low frequency band with the built-in equalizer.

Keep the time

Close Talk Control Attendance

CT Control contains delegate attendance and fee report functionality.

Delegate arrival and departure times are logged. Attendance time and fee reports can be produced at conference end.

Includes intelligent fee categories such as specific time periods and 'whole meeting' fee's.

Maintain meeting order

Close Talk Control Agenda

Use the Agenda function to maintain conference order.

Agenda's can be pre-made or edited during the conference, including preparing voting matters

Broadcast your decisions

Close Talk Control Camera Follow

Use the powerful camera control functionality to broadcast and record your meetings.

Database manager

Close Talk Control Database Management

Use the database manager to copy, rename, backup and export your databases.

Powerful attendance tools

Close Talk Control Attendance Tool

CT Control has easy-to-use tools for maintaining the conference attendance. Handle most everyday situations such as arrivals, departures, no-shows, replacements, etc. with a few mouse clicks and produce detailed after-conference attendance and fee reports.