Split Box

The Split Box is a 1 to 6 transceiver port expander. Its main use is to expand the number of available transceiver ports on the Central Unit. Another application is to ease installation by reducing cable lengths and numbers, use several shorter cables close to the transceivers and run only a few longer down to the Central Unit.

NEW! As of July 2014 the Split Box now supports being connected in parallel with Transceivers directly connected to the Central Unit. This will reduce the required number of Split Boxes, ease installation and lower the total system cost. All Split Boxes shipped from this date will have the new capability, the older model is now only on special order, be sure to explicitly specify the older model when replacing or adding to an existing system pre July 2014.

Close Talk Split BoxThe Split Box supports up to six Transceiver Unit's per unit.

Several units can be connected in parallel to the Central Unit to accommodate the needed number of Transceiver's.

Split Boxes can be cascaded to reduce cable lengths even further.

Close Talk Split Box

It is a self powered unit with the power on/off state controlled by the Central Unit using a built-in solid state relay for superior reliability.


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