The basic system

The image below shows the products of a basic audio-only Close Talk Conference System:

A basic Close Talk Conference System

The basic system consists of a number of Delegate Units, usually one per participant, one Central Unit, one or more Transceivers with cabling and finally a battery charger solution.

Close Talk Transceiver 180 and 150There are three mounting variants available for the transceiver, surface mounting by screw, flush mounting by spring and flush mounting by screw fastening. The transceivers are designed to be non-intrusive with their neutral white color and blends with most ceiling types. Other colors are available on special order. Close Talk Conference System works with ceiling heights up to seven meters, in special cases even higher.

There are two alternatives available for battery charging, the cord charger DC-110-45 that supports five units per charger and a combined transport and charger trolley CT-10 that supports up to twenty-four units per trolley.

The transceiver is mounted face-down in the ceiling, directed towards the delegate units and is connected to the central unit using industry standard S-STP Cat. 6 Ethernet cables. The transceiver works like an antenna for the signals to and from the delegate units, one or more transceivers are used to support the desired area of operation.

The system supports an unlimited number of delegate units with a maximum of three active microphones at one time. There is no special chairman unit, any unit can be promoted to chairman functionality by settings in the central unit. Audibility can be further increased by connecting the system to an external PA.

The delegate units 'talks' to the central unit via the transceiver, using infrared light. No cords, not even power cords since the delegate units are battery powered. The delegate units sleek design will fit into almost all environments.