Camera follow

Included in the PC-software is a powerful camera follow functionality. Control up to seven cameras and program them to move according to multiple system events.

Close Talk Control Camera Follow Equipment

Close Talk Control is run on the PC that is connected to the cameras using an industry standard VISCA cable. It is also connected to the Central Unit. Close Talk Control can be used normally, controlled by a human operator, or in automatic mode where the functionality is similar to the audio-only system. Running the system via Close Talk Control in automatic mode also adds the possibility of showing speaker lists to the users.

Close Talk Control Camera Follow in Seating List                           Close Talk Control Camera Follow Control Panel

The cameras are programmed using "Positions". A Position is a full Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) point in space that can be as detailed as a full facial image of a single delegate or just an overview of a section of delegates.

When a delegate activates a microphone the system moves a free camera to the position associated with that delegate. Several methods of use for the available cameras are available, including "Exclusive camera", "Most recent microphone" and "Maximize usage".