Why wireless?

  Advantages with infrared light:
The only "NSA-proof" wireless technology on the market, totally secure against eavesdropping
Will not interfere with other wireless systems and technologies
Easy to install and maintain
Financially sound investment, infrared light does not have any “frequency ranges” that may become interfered with or sold for other use in the future, making a radio system unusable
IR-light levels are low and safe for humans and other systems such as remote controls

Much of today’s sound- and video technology is connected using cables which is a simple but very inflexible method. Even the “conference system” technology segment is divided into wired and wireless segments. Wired conference systems are primarily intended for fixed mounted and dedicated use such as parliaments. Using a wireless conference system is ideal for room area re-use. Set a conference in minutes in the morning and take it down just as fast when the meeting is over, instantly making the room available for other use.

A wireless conference system simply provides flexibility!

Why infrared light and not radio?

Infrared system principleMost of the wireless conference systems of today use radio which, on paper, may look like an attractive solution but that in reality is only an advantage for the installer firm. Radio based systems use so called “2.4GHz technology” which in reality means they are constructed and competing with resources of technologies like wireless networking and internet, Bluetooth, remote controls, etc. This means that radio based conference systems are experiencing increasing problems with ether congestion, especially in larger cities.

Who wants to make a major technology investment that may experience instability because the neighbor installs a large Wi-Fi system!?


Radio uses electromagnetic waves to transmit information. Unfortunately it is very complicated to control these waves, making it easy to listen in. In contrast; by using infrared it is very easy to prevent the signals from reaching the wrong or unwanted listener, simply keep the infrared light within the same room, usually as simple as closing the blinds! No light, no leakage!

Infrared is a safe technology today

The most common question for infrared systems is stability. Infrared light depends on free line of sight, i.e. if you cover the beam, the signal is broken. This is solved by redundancy, i.e. that several receivers sees the signal together as the picture above shows.

The second most common question is about fluorescent light. The early IR-systems that appeared over twenty years ago used very low carrier frequencies, below 100kHz, that were very sensitive to noise emitted from fluorescent light and low energy lamps. Close Talk Conference System uses carrier frequencies between 2 and 6MHz, well above any disturbance sources, and is totally reliable.

The third most common question is about interference from displays and video projectors. Plasma displays should be avoided in the same room, this is a general rule for all IR-system and not specific for Close Talk Conference System. Video projectors, LCD- and LED displays are perfectly fine to use.