1+1 Language

Close Talk Conference System is primarily a one-language system but it is possible to do dual language, so called 1+1 language, using an external PA system:

Close Talk Conference System Interpretation 1+1 Language

The microphone signals from the Delegate Units are sent to the PA and the interpreter where the PA is the main sound reinforcement for the users. The interpreter language is sent to the Central Unit Line In audio input and then out to the Delegate Unit receivers. Only the interpreter signal is sent so the delegates can listen to the interpreted language using the headphones outputs on the Delegate Unit and the main language via the PA sound.

Third party systems

Close Talk Conference System uses selected frequencies for its six channels. By matching these frequencies with third party interpreter systems it is possible to use them together. Refer to the manuals for the respective system for more information.

Sennheiser SI 29-5

Close Talk Conference System has been tested together with the 32-channel Sennheiser interpreter system and is found to be working with the following commments: